Virtual Bulgaria is an interactive Internet portal that offers a wealth of information about Bulgaria using cutting edge technology. It is a copious resource that can be useful in education, culture, tourism and services.

VR Bulgaria affords a wide range of possibilities for accessing information of all kinds and at all levels. The user can easily navigate from abstract concepts and characteristics down to minute details, and thus become able to form a comprehensive idea of Bulgaria. This is well beyond the capacity of traditional books and publications. Along with the network of virtual tours of hundreds of places in Bulgaria, new media will be added: videos, high resolution photographic images, virtual shops and updated information on a variety of subjects.

VR Bulgaria is a joint project of Trud Publishing House, the Ministry of Education and  Senzor-S Ltd.


Each country needs an adequate image of itself created by well-structured information that reflects national priorities and values. The main goal of VR Bulgaria is to present an in-depth image of Bulgaria rather than a mechanical sum of unrelated facts and objects.

Using the latest achievements of interactive multimedia and the expertise of the best experts in the field, we have tried to reach a qualitatively new level of impact directly involving   users in the presentation, and stimulating their imagination and interests by making them experience different audio-visual effects.

The project is designed for Internet use because of the unquestioned advantages of this form of access. What is new however is the high quality of the video material that compares favorably to the classical forms of presentation (print and CD ROMs). The added value for the user is the opportunity to interact with the medium.

Access to the portal is free. Its maintenance will be supported by:

a)      Advertisements and commercial contacts within the portal. Access to commercial sites and objects will be limited for Bulgarian schools

b)      Inclusion of new sites and objects at the request of companies and individual clients

c)       Sponsors interested  in  financing the representation of sites of national significance

Long-term, we see VR Bulgaria as a unique resource of knowledge and information to be used in education, culture, science, tourism as well as by any individual interested in obtaining up-to-date and reliable information about things and achievements that Bulgaria should be proud of.


To achieve the best results, we have adopted an integrated approach to the user:  texts, three-dimensional panoramas, video materials, photos and music have been programmed so as to give the user maximum choice in accessing information by a quick search engine according to location, section (e.g. history, economy, services) or by name or key word.


First stage:

  • Producing 200 spherical panoramas of Bulgaria’s  major sites, with texts in Bulgarian
  •  Designing the site and the multimedia structure
  •  Translating the available information in English
  •  Launching and publicizing the portal site

Second stage:

  • Increasing the number of national sites. This involves selecting  sites and identifying sponsors
  • Arranging   information in sections: history, economy, art, tourism, geography etc. Each section will have a comprehensive multimedia structure with links to external sites.

Third stage:

  • Completion of project and translation of uploaded information in the major European languages, including the integration of an automatic system of translation of terminology in all EU languages.

Funding resources

To achieve our goals, we will seek the support of all institutions, organizations and individuals willing to help build the Bulgarian national identity in virtual space, and create productive  contacts with all those interested in  the endeavor.


Trud Publishing House is a leading institution with an extensive experience in popularizing reference books, encyclopedias etc. Its recent project ZNAM.BG has also made it a major electronic publisher.

Senzor- S is a multimedia firm that offers high-level expertise in design and uses cutting edge digital technology.  It has produced the following CD ROM presentations:

BULGARIA  –  multimedia presentation supported by the Communication Strategy and used by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

GURMEN Community –   multimedia presentation, 2007

Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” – multimedia presentation, 2006

Bulgaria at a Glance – multimedia presentation for the Ministry of Economy, 2005

National Academy of Art – multimedia presentation, 2004

50th Anniversary of the University of Chemistry, Technology and Mining – multimedia presentation, 2003

Centennial of Bulgarian-American Diplomatic Relations – multimedia presentation, 2003

Bulgarian National Parks- multimedia presentation, 2002

Gallery XXL – multimedia presentation.

Internet presentations

The Ministry of Education and Science is a national institution interested in introducing   digital components in education and research. Its participation in the project derives from the fact that our historical heritage is part and parcel of our cultural and educational identity.

Over the last few years Trud Publishing House and Senzor-S have completed the following projects:

  • Multimedia textbook in history for the 9th grade for the Ministry of Education and Science
  • Multimedia textbook in history for the10th grade for the Ministry of Education and Science
  • Multimedia textbook in history for the 11th grade for the Ministry of Education and Science

Contact us

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Senzor S Ltd.

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